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Cacao and Breathwork Event

Cacao and Breathwork Event

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Join us for a beautiful morning in the nature to connect around cacao and breathe in your new energy. 

In our event with Lucy we are combining two powerful tools in your mindfulness practice - ceremonial cacao and breathwork. We will meet at the Sunborn park, Saratoga on July 6th at 10 am. We will start with drinking delicious, warming ceremonial cacao, do a short meditation to land, focus on our intentions and connect. After that we will have a breathwork session with Lucy to relax, embrace our power source, find new meanings and ideas. 

You will leave rested, rejuvenated, energized and filled with joy. Pausing and taking care about yourself is so important!

The event is held in Russian. 

Please, bring a blanket or a yoga mat to lie down, eye mask(optional), water bottle, warm layers.


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