Handcrafted Single Origin Chocolate

Welcome to Cacao Space

Here at Cacao Space we are passionate about turning magical cacao beans into delicious, full flavor, decadent chocolate. Explore amazing flavor diversity that cacao has to offer and experience warming embrace of cacao.

Single origin, micro batch, refined sugar free, plant based, made in Los Altos, CA.

  • Handcrafting world of flavor one bar at a time.

    In the time of mass production we want to promote small batch craft chocolate and introduce you to chocolate that doesn’t taste boring, but instead opens new dimensions of flavor to your taste buds.

  • Art of innocent pleasure

    We make chocolate that brings you all cacao benefits to the fullest by intentionally avoiding unnecessary ingredients and sourcing the most natural, wholesome products to nourish and support your mind and body.

  • Gathering around cacao

    We invite you to gather together with the cup of hot cacao in your hands. Feeling of connection, emotional support and enhanced mood are integral parts of working with cacao. We are bringing community together through our cacao events and tastings.

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Gifts made of chocolate. Get the perfect present for any occasion.
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